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A publication on Jewish circumcision is receiving attention because it is insensitive and offensive to many Jews, and I regret that. Please understand that it represents only the writer who speaks for nobody else. The movement to question circumcision is wide and diverse. There is no organization that controls, or could control, what individuals who oppose circumcision may say or do.

Questioning Jewish circumcision is best done within the Jewish community, and this is happening. A growing number of Jews here and abroad are not circumcising their sons. Jews have a choice about circumcision. That choice is important because circumcision causes significant pain to the child. There is physical, sexual, and psychological harm from circumcision, and the foreskin is an important body part.

As discussion about circumcision increases we must respect those who disagree. There are no villains here. People are making choices based on what they know, feel, and believe. Let’s have compassion for each other as we try to deal honestly and openly with this difficult issue.

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.
Executive Director